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The Ten Virgins, and other bible stories for atheists


The Bible is a collection of tenth-hand stories from a small area of the Middle East which were passed on by word of mouth before being written down by men who never met the people they were writing about. It is full of contradictions and inconsistencies, and it depicts God as an insecure, vindictive, intolerant, murderer, and his ‘son’ as just one of many men down the years to have made messianic claims. Worst of all, the Bible regards women as invisible, subservient, chattels, with ‘unclean’ body fluids. With only a few exceptions, it does not even give women names unless they are virgins or prostitutes. The Bible was written by men, for the benefit of men in power, and it deserves to be ridiculed, which is what this book sets out to do, irreverently, unashamedly, and without fear of an imaginary God sending down vengeful thunderbolts.

Important factual knowledge
to combat 'holy' brainwashing. 

Spara Fugle


The funniest thing I’ve read in years,
but with important messages.

VR Kem

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