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In 1975, a school party is on a trip down a local coal mine when the mine collapses, killing all but Richard, a teacher, and Rachel a sixth form student, who eventually escape from the mine by climbing up the lift shaft. On reaching the top, they discover the cause of the collapse: there has been a nuclear war and, instead of emerging to a sunny June day, there is a nuclear winter.

But did they really escape, or were they the ones to die, while the others survived? Back at the school they left, a memorial service is taking place for Richard and Rachel.

Fast forward twenty-five years to Millennium Eve, and Richard heads for the market square, where staff from the school agreed to meet for a reunion. There also, is the woman Richard left behind when he went down the mine, and Rachel’s mother, still unable to believe that her daughter is dead. But is Rachel there too? Will these people from different universes have their reunion?


‘Couldn’t put it down. The ending is incredibly tense. Will they meet again? Will they recognise one another?’

David Blakeley, Mind Books

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