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The Cuckoo


The Cuckoo is the first part in what is hoped to be a four-part book, being diaries from four different years in the life of Tony Bayliss, with twenty-five year gaps between each part. The Cuckoo was written in 1957, part two was written in 1982, part three in 2007, and the fourth part will be written in 2032, assuming Tony lasts that long.


Part one, The Cuckoo is a funny, sweet and sad insight into life for Tony as a ten-year-old boy growing up in the 1950's, among the turmoil of changing times. 


‘A charming and fascinating diary… compulsive reading’


‘What's so fascinating about this little book is that this young boy manages to give a national and even international context to his diary…  I loved every page’


‘A remarkable little book’


‘ It is in turn funny, sad, honest and sadder still’

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