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Daddy Stories for Freddie (five volumes)


When Freddie was four and three-quarters, he and his daddy were separated, and didn’t see one another face-to-face for 525 days. In that time, Daddy started writing stories, and read a new one each week when they met on line.
These stories are all recorded on YouTube and now appear in this series of five books, written in 2021 and 2022.


These sixty five stories, some seven-hundred-and-fifty pages, all in rhyming couplets, and spread over five volumes, are enough to last a whole childhood.


They cover lots of topical issues, including protecting the environment, the plight of refugees from war-torn zones, gender-stereotypes, and other moral tales, all presented in a very accessible language for young children, and illustrated with colourful cartoons.


There’s fantasy and fun, heroes and villains, dinosaurs and toads, dragons and witches and, of course, a generous sprinkling of magic. My children love them. Yours will too.


A wonderful series of stories, full of fun dealing with real life moral dilemmas.

The author turns a heart wrenching situation about a separation from his very young son into something positive and hopeful. A favourite read to my grandchildren. Super.

Jayne Hawksworth

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