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Strictly Liable


Sex Offenders are the bogeymen of the twenty-first century, exposed by the media, hounded out of their homes, harassed by the police, and treated in prisons as worse than murderers. They are the equivalent of modern-day witches, and live in constant fear of vigilante attacks. What is it about the word 'sex' which causes such an extreme and irrational reaction? Why is it that beating a woman half to death is not regarded as being as serious as 'inappropriate touching'? Why are probation officers and social workers taught that a sex offender is 'incurable', whereas a burglar or fraudster can have his offences written off as 'spent'.

Yet what if the sex offence was accidental? Would the penal system treat such an offender more leniently? 

David believes Mandy when she tells him she is eighteen. Why shouldn't he? She looks it, and behaves it. He is captivated by her, and she is equally keen on him. Who could possibly object to them having sex together? Whose business is it, but theirs? His nightmare is about to begin.


‘Well drawn characters and brilliantly constructed plot’


‘Tugs at the heartstrings whilst challenging your prejudices and perceptions’


‘A tricky subject of much debate is handled in a sensible and sympathetic manner’


‘I had no idea that this sort of thing was going on… I now realise how I was just being swept along on the tide of public prejudice and hysteria’


‘A real eye-opener to the unfair justice system we currently have in this country’


‘Brilliantly written, with a strong and gripping story line… shocking and disturbing’


‘Has it all - tragedy, comedy, passion, heartbreak, sensitivity’

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