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Past Continuous


Matthew has committed suicide. Or has he? If he is dead, how can he be communicating with Sophie, a girl he never met while alive, but who feels he is the man of her dreams?


When we die, something of us always survives, whether it is the genes we pass on, lessons and habits we have instilled in others, lingering memories people have of things we did while alive, or physical things we leave behind, like locks of hair, or words on the page, which replay our thoughts and feelings.


But what if something else is left behind, something so fundamental to our existence, our individuality, that it is enough to communicate from death, enough for us to be restored, and given a second chance at living? That is what Sophie sets out to discover. She is sure that Matthew is alive, but alive in what form, and how can he be restored, so that she can spend the rest of her life with him?


A seriously good book’


‘Some excellent and unexpected twists and turns and an ending I certainly did not expect’


‘A beautifully-crafted storyline, and extremely clever science fiction’


‘I won't be at all surprised to see a film version in our cinemas in the not-too-distant future.’


‘An intriguing book, delightfully written and easy to read in an eloquent style’

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