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Future Perfect


Religious extremists govern or control many countries in the East. What if it happened in the West? Is it so far-fetched, given that religious groups in the USA can put forward serious contenders for the presidency who are bible-thumping, anti-abortionists, and who want ‘creationism’ taught alongside evolution in science lessons? Would people in a western country vote for a party which promised to restore 'traditional' family values, return women to the home,  end immigration, criminalise homosexuality, and restore the death penalty, all in the name of a loving god? Let's assume they would, and then move forward to 2090, where we can see the consequences for a European country governed by such a party, for that's where Future Perfect starts.


Abel is an inspector for the local diocese, a branch of central government, whose job is to make sure that people comply with rules and regulations imposed by the Church. He has his doubts about the things he is asked to do, but keeps his head down, worried that his subversive thoughts might be detected by the EYES, or that a careless word might be heard, and reported by the EARS. Everyone lives in fear, because to sin, even by thought, is a crime which incurs the wrath of the Church.

How can Abel's love for Lizzie survive such constant scrutiny, when the slightest mistake will mean instant death for both of them? Will their dark secret be discovered?


A sharp and incisive dry wit cuts like a knife…
a magnetic read.

‘A must’read’

‘It truly frightened me, as I live in the Bible belt and I can actually see this book come to fruition if certain sects were allowed to flourish unchecked in society’


‘What makes this world so chillingly realistic is the author's authentic, comprehensive attention to even the smallest of details’


‘ fulfils our deepest psychological and emotional needs; to explore experience with an individual, puny but right, pitted against a state’


‘This book is a classic in every sense’


‘ Brilliant character development and intriguing plot, this is a real page-turner’


‘ This is the first novel I've read which creates a fictional futuristic western society in which religious fundamentalists have taken control’


‘A truly amazing book, and already one of my all-time favourites’


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