Strictly Liable by Tony Bayliss
Future perfect  by Tony Bayliss
Twenty Poems by Tony Bayliss
The Cuckoo by Tony Bayliss
Red Hot Riding Hood by Tony Bayliss
Past Continuous by Tony Bayliss
How To Profit From Student Property


When authors submitted work back in the days of typewriters, most publishers gave constructive feedback, even if they didn't make an offer. Now, since the advent of word-processing, blogging, and texting, everyone is a writer, and publishers are saturated with submissions that they rarely bother to read. The traditional route to publishing is now closed to all but a tiny minority of established writers, or the few who get lucky.


Tony was lucky on a few occasions. He had poetry accepted for various magazines, and one of his poems was included in an Arts Council anthology. His book on property was snapped up by the Tax Café publishing house, and continues to sell well. His novel ‘Past Continuous’ topped the popularity leagues on the Authonomy website and was then published by Sparkling Books. His other novels have been self-published.


With self-publishing, the reader decides what is good and what is rubbish, not the publishers. Occasionally, the self-publishing route reveals writers, previously ignored, who go on to become literary icons. Many great authors were turned down by traditional publishing houses on their way to writing best-sellers.


If you find a self-published book you enjoy, tell your friends, write a review, and so help spread the word. All authors need your support.


Enjoy your reading.